Werner Süss

Werner Süss


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Prof. Werner Süss is a co-founder of NeXtWind as well as Managing Partner of NeXtWind Management GmbH and Member of the Board of NeXtWind Capital Ltd..

Mr. Süss has more than 25 years of experience in the German energy industry in various corporate, executive and advisory roles including various executive and leadership roles at Vattenfall AB (Head of business group Sales Central Europe, CEO Vattenfall Europe Sales GmbH and Member of Top Executive Management Group). He also held advisory board positions in regional distribution companies and served as SVP / Head of communications & public affairs at E.ON Energy.

As one of the co-founders of Re-Wind, Mr. Süss was focussing on M&A/origination and development of windfarms.

He also founded WindCapitalPartners in Berlin, an M&A advisory firm focused on onshore wind  and developing strategic platforms for investments in renewables in Germany. He is the co-founder of enesto GmbH (energy storage development).

Mr. Süss is an attorney-at-law and has obtained a PhD in Law from the University of Munich. He is also an Honorary Professor at Leipzig University and teaches on a regular basis at Honkong Baptist University (HK) and Ohio University (Ohio, USA).