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Rising to a complex market challenge

A future far-removed from the present

The huge success of wind energy in Germany to date was driven by the simplicity of its business model: invest, feed-in and receive a guaranteed tariff based on the renewable energy law (EEG).

Todays’ world is more challenging.

Some 15GW of teenage onshore wind capacity will soon need to navigate a complex market and plan for a future that looks very different to the present. An extremely fragmented market requires consolidation, modernisation and significant investment.

In response to this challenge, NeXtWind has brought together decades of wind and energy industry experience, specialist green finance and transaction expertise, and established investors who share our commitment to sustainability.

Together, we are building Europe’s next major green independent power producer.

Soaring to new heights

NeXtWind launched in 2020 with initial commitments for more than US$100m to seed the platform and invest in its first German onshore wind assets.

In 2023, NeXtWind secured investor commitments of up to US$750m from long-term investors to grow the platform and become a major sustainable power producer in Germany.

Working with strategic partners throughout the supply chain, we’ve pioneered proven mechanisms for managing the technical, development and market risk associated with rejuvenating older assets.

We have the experience and capabilities to work agnostically across all asset strategies, spanning repowering and lifetime extensions, and all technologies.

And we are committed to working with local communities and partners to bring new life, higher performance and shared benefit to existing sites.


Bringing experience and entrepreneurship

The NeXtWind management team blends decades of wind and energy industry experience with green finance and transaction expertise.

Meet the team
Sandbrook Capital
PSP Investments

Going beyond capital

Our investors include Sandbrook Capital, an investment firm that builds businesses to transform the world's energy infrastructure, and Canadian institutional investors Public Sector Pension Investment Board (PSP Investments) and the Investment Management Corporation of Ontario (IMCO), who provide us with invaluable expertise as well as capital.