Keeping the energy transition moving forwards

Rejuvenating Europe’s renewable energy asset base

Building Europe’s next major green independent power producer

NextWind is backed by established investors who share our commitment to sustainability. Together, we are building Europe’s next major green independent power producer.

Our approach is based on the simple formula of combining responsible capital with innovative business ideas for end-of-regulatory-life renewable energy assets.

A turbine under construction.

Our strategic plan

We will keep the energy transition moving forwards by acquiring and rejuvenating older wind parks. We have the experience and capabilities to work agnostically across all asset strategies and all technologies.

Working with strategic partners throughout the supply chain, we’ve pioneered proven mechanisms for managing the technical, development and market risk associated with rejuvenating older assets.

With deep management experience of complex transactions and proven access to capital, our five year strategic plan targets a portfolio of over 1GW of European assets.

What if we could double the wind harvest of older parks?

NeXtWind launched in 2020 with initial commitments for more than US$100m to seed the platform and invest in its first German onshore wind assets.

We are working with local communities and partners to bring new life, higher performance and shared benefit to existing sites.

Older sites tend to have the best locations but the worst efficiencies. We’ve assembled the expertise and funding to ensure that these sites are not lost to a diminishing baseline of clean power in Germany.

Indeed, with smart investment and management we expect to more than double the average wind harvest from these pioneering parks.

It’s the first step towards our strategic goal to acquire and transform a portfolio in excess of 1GW of end-of-regulatory-life European assets.

Wind turbine by a sweeping road.

Bringing experience and entrepreneurship

The NeXtWind management team blends decades of wind and energy industry experience with green finance and transaction expertise.

Meet the team
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ARB Investment Partners

Going beyond capital

Our anchor investors include reputable institutional investors, family offices and high net worth individuals providing us with invaluable expertise in addition to their capital.

Whilst they come from a variety of professional backgrounds, they all share the commitment and vision of keeping the energy transition moving forwards, to create a carbon-free and sustainable future for future generations.

Meet the investors

Mehr als Kapital

Zu unseren Ankerinvestoren zählen anerkannte institutionelle Investoren, Family Offices und Privatinvestoren, die uns neben ihrem Kapital auch wertvolles Fachwissen zur Verfügung stellen.

Obgleich sie verschiedene berufliche Hintergründe besitzen, teilen sie alle das Engagement und die Vision, die Energiewende auf die nächste Ebene zu führen, um eine kohlenstofffreie und nachhaltige Zukunft für die nachfolgenden Generationen zu gestalten.

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