Victor Garzón

Victor Garzón

Project Development

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Victor Garzón studied civil engineering in Spain and completed his master's degree in geosciences at the Port Authority of Lisbon and the University of Lisbon. There, Mr. Garzón renewed old maps, digitized them and made them available on the Internet. In his job as "the Cliffwatchers", he also monitored cliffs to create rockfall hazard maps using modern photogrammetry.

After that Victor Garzón moved to Hanover to work as a project manager for suspended structures at the Hanover Trade Fair. He used this to make work time more efficient and reduce human error in planning through the use of GIS and Python.

Next, Mr. Garzón worked at ibvogt where he spent 2 years as a Mapping Manager in solar energy projects. Before joining NeXtWind, Victor Garzón worked at Iberdrola-Germany as a GIS Manager.