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‍Breakthrough in wind power repowering

NeXtWind quadruples repowering generation capacity to 1,000 megawatts

Breakthrough in wind power repowering

NeXtWind quadruples repowering generation capacity
to 1,000 megawatts

·      Market position as leading provider of optimized distributed climate infrastructure in Germany significantly strengthened

·      158 wind turbines in 24 wind farms in portfolio

·      Further rapid growth on the horizon: 3,000 megawatts by 2028

Berlin (Germany), July 4, 2024 - Successful half-year results: NeXtWind, the leading provider of optimized, distributed climate infrastructure for renewable energy in Germany, achieved key milestones ahead of schedule in the first half of 2024. Within twelve months, NeXtWind quadrupled the optimized repowering generation capacity in its portfolio to 1,000 megawatts (1GW). This leap was made possible by the acquisition of additional wind farms, the optimization of existing wind farm sites and the technical advancement of the latest generation of turbines. At the same time, the team has doubled to more than 50 employees, and the Berlin office has been significantly expanded. Further acquisitions are on the agenda for the coming months. In addition, processes are becoming more standardized, making the business model even more scalable.

NeXtWind focuses on acquiring existing wind energy sites with outdated turbines, replacing the turbines with more efficient ones, and expanding the sites through constructive and trustful cooperation with the local communities to install additional turbines on the site. Energy output can be further increased through the use of highly efficient modern technologies. The company currently operates 158 wind turbines in 24 wind farms. After optimization, these wind farms will produce four times as much energy, enough to supply more than 600,000 homes with green electricity every year.

The current regional focus is on the north and east of Germany, but the aim is for future expansion beyond national borders. The company works closely with local communities and partners to ensure a sustainable and reliable energy supply, through which it is making a significant contribution to the energy transition.

"We originally wanted to reach the magic threshold of 1,000 megawatts of optimization potential by 2026. The fact that we have now achieved this two years ahead of our goal is very encouraging," says Prof. Dr. Werner Suess, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of NeXtWind: "Innovations in the field of climate technology will play an increasingly important role. NeXtWind is not only a leader in the field of repowering, but also an overall leader in the optimization of the distributed, climate-friendly energy infrastructure in Germany. We will continue to pursue our strategic direction, consolidate our market position and grow rapidly.”

In mid-2023, NeXtWind raised $750 million from institutional investors in one of the largest financing rounds for a renewable energy platform in Germany to date, which is   the foundation for its rapid growth.

"NeXtWind is building the next-generation energy infrastructure to drive the transition to a decarbonized, decentralized and digitized energy system in the face of unprecedented demand for clean, sustainable energy from energy-hungry applications such as AI, blockchain and the electrification of the mobility and heating sectors," said Lars Meyer, also Co-CEO and Co-Founder of NeXtWind.

Ewald Woste, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of NeXtWind, highlights the next milestone: "We are just getting started - our goal is to shape the energy transition in the coming decades. We aim to triple our generation potential to 3,000 megawatts by 2028.”

About NeXtWind

NeXtWind is a leading renewable energy company that originally specialized in wind farm repowering. NeXtWind was founded in 2020 and has offices in Berlin and London. The fast-growing company currently employs over 50 people. With a strong funding base of USD 750 million (investors: Sandbrook Capital, PSP Investments, IMCO), NeXtWind is well positioned to successfully meet the challenges of the energy transition.

NeXtWind combines decades of experience in the wind and energy industry, specialized green finance and transaction expertise, and the commitment of leading investors to sustainability. The company aims to become the leading provider of optimized distributed climate infrastructure in Europe.