Mirjam Müller

Mirjam Müller

Executive Assistant

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Mirjam Müller is a central employee in her role as Executive Assistant, responsible for a wide range of tasks that arise in the daily operation of the company. These include communicating with employees, handling inquiries and concerns, and assisting with administrative tasks.

As the point of contact for employees within the company, Ms. Müller is available to answer questions and address concerns. She acts as an interface between management, employees and external service providers to pass on information and coordinate processes. In doing so, it is her job to ensure that communication within and outside the company is effective and problem-free.

Thanks to her many years of experience in this area, Ms. Müller helps to ensure that the daily tasks and processes within the company run smoothly. She takes on a wide range of tasks and helps to ensure that the various areas of the company work together smoothly. Through her work, she supports the management and enables the employees to perform their tasks effectively.