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Tomorrow's Energy Management​: Energy and finance heavyweights launch IPP to rejuvenate wind parks

Combining more than 100 years’ experience in energy, green finance and M&A across its senior team, NeXtWind today launches its strategy to become Europe’s next major green independent power producer (IPP).


Backed by established sustainable investors including Crestline Investors, Ferd and ARB Investment Partners, the company will initially seek to acquire and rejuvenate older, most likely teenage, wind parks in Germany.


Working with local communities and partners to bring new life, higher performance and shared benefit to existing sites, NeXtWind’s strategic goal is to acquire and transform a portfolio in excess of 1GW of end-of-regulatory-life European assets.

Ewald Woste, NeXtWind CEO, said: “The older wind sites tend to have the best locations but the worst efficiencies. We’ve assembled the expertise and funding to ensure that these sites are not lost to a diminishing baseline of clean power. Indeed, with smart investment and management we expect to double the average wind harvest from these pioneering parks.  With Germany phasing out coal and nuclear generation, this is important work”...