A Leading Green Energy Producer​

Energy Transition: Act Now!


The build out of wind power is essential to the success of the energy transition. Today, wind provides more than 20% of Germany’s electricity requirements. By 2050, Germany intends to be climate-neutral, which will require a massive increase in wind power capacity.


The dilemma we face today is that long term targets have been defined, while the short-term actions required to meet these targets have not yet been approved.  The owners of existing windfarms face electricity price uncertainty and significant investment into technological development. However, these sites are key in accomplishing the goals of the energy transition.


Our approach is based on the simple formula of combining responsible capital with innovative business ideas for end-of-life renewable energy assets.


Every Unit of Green Electricity Counts!


What if wisely chosen measures could allow production of older parks to be doubled?

NeXtWind acquires older parks and invests in their optimisation. We conserve resources, increase local acceptance and aim to play a significant role in the success of the energy transition.

NeXtWind´s strategy is to build up a leading green independent power producer (IPP).

Experience and Entrepreneurship


The NeXtWind management team accumulates significantly more than 100 years of experience within (clean) energy, finance and entrepreneurial management, combining private equity, energy and management skills at the highest quality level.


Beyond Capital

Our investors include reputable institutional investors, family offices and high net worth individuals providing us with invaluable expertise in addition to their capital. Whilst they come from a variety of professional backgrounds, they all share the commitment and vision of taking the energy transition to the next level in order to create a carbon-free and sustainable future for the following generations.




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